Day 6 (Kelly & Warren) Visue

We woke up and went to the gym for a bit of a workout as we knew we would be in no fit state to go the next morning after meeting the Watts/Deboo pose, lol.
We had breakfast and loaded the bike up, I wiped the bike over with another stolen hotel flannel, and we Set off for Viseu on the other side of a mountain range.
We rode along the river for about 10 miles as we left Porto and then crossed at one of the many bridges.
We started to climb up and up through country lanes and eventually being on top of the mountains with wind turbines and no cars or people for miles.
The road at one point became no more than a track and we we’re getting worried that we was going to run out off road.
We came across a bull standing in the road and whizzed past a bit sharpish, lol and the went round the corner to be meet by the rest of his herd omg.
We continued over the mountain and started to descend down the other side, finally reaching civilisation again as we reached the bottom and joined the main roads.
We now had 14 minutes on the sat nav to our destination and we were keen to get there.
Our lips were dry and hadn’t stopped for 2 & half hrs.
As we approached the hotel and pulled into the car park Lorna and Steve had just got there, couldn’t have timed it any better.
We checked in and dumped of our gear, quick freshen up & straight on the beer, lol😁🍻🍻🥂🥂