Day 3 (Steve & Lorna) Viseu

So today was our last day well half day on our own, we were on our way to meet up with Kelly & Warren who were riding down from Porto to meet us in Viseu a town thats situated on the N2 road which is what will will be riding on all the way back to the Algarve.
So for us last night was a great nights sleep not entirely uninterrupted but still a good nights sleep the North Portuguese do like a Church bell to remind you very hour what fucking time it is. Anyway no mad rush today as we were only going to have to ride some 90-100kms to our next location and meeting point in Visue. We aimed to get there for about 1-2pm and thought that it would be a easy ride in, well that soon turned out to be nothing but a memorable and interesting ride. We should have realised that 90kms should not take 2.5 hours but thats what the SatNav stated and thats what we followed, well for me I said yesterday that the roads we rode were some, if not the best road I have ridden. Well scrap that, today was bloody awesome. We rode through an entire mountain range for about 50kms with sharp bends every 50 yards or so, long sweeping some super tight but always scenic and somewhat treacherous adding to the excitement. I could not believe setting the SatNav to fastest route minus Highways would take us this way but I for one was grateful, Lorna compared with yesterday was also feeling a lot better despite more bends coming at us quicker and faster. I guess she is finally turning into a biker babe.
We stopped at some remote mountain village just to calm down and relax as the intense concentration was actually having its effect and a strong coffee and short stop was perfect. So after a coffee and bad pastry we were back on the road and another 25kms of twisty’s.
What seemed like an entirety we ended up on the IP3 a main road into Visue for the last 15kms and rolled up into our hotel, we appeared to be first but with no more that 20 seconds later we could hear a Harley approaching and sure enough it was Kelly & Warren.
It was amazing to think that they had ridden from the Uk 6 days ago to meet us here and we all but rocked up together.
We unpacked the bikes checked in, threw our shit in the room and went to the bar where in no time at all many hours flew by, we suddenly realised that we needed to shower and get ready for diner, but first we needed to cool down and relax so in the pool we went. OMG it was cold but it was exactly what we needed, a fresh kickstart to the evening, so revitalised we got ready for our evening meal which was actually really quite nice, now this should not be so surprising but food in the North Portugal region is not know for its quality for outsiders like us.
So the gang were together and tomorrow was the beginning of the trip as a group but tonight was a great reunion of friends and the start of new memories. As we have said before “Making Memories” is whats important in life and we were now doing this once more.
Night night.

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