Day 1 (4 of us) Pedrógão Pequeno

This morning was going to be our first group ride and we were heading back down to the Algarve via the N2 and hopefully some great riding and weather. We were all feeling very good considering the amount of drink we polished off last night. After a hearty breakfast we loaded the bikes up again and prepared to leave as a group for the first time. We were heading to a little place right on the N2 called Pedrógão Pequeno and our hotel for the night Hotel Da Montanha. But first some nice twisty’s, after yesterdays antics we were all feeling quite sure that todays ride was going to be better and less stressful as the N2 is a well document road, we to be honest it was for the best part very good, but the start of it got us all confused, including 2 SatNav’s. We ended up down farm roads, wrong turnaround points that in the end end, we got fed up so decided to jump on the main road to get us into a section of the N2 we knew we could get too, so we missed out on about 23kms of N2 but when we got back on the scenery was fantastic and the roads were really good. Todays ride was going to be around 3-4 hours so after about 2 we stopped for snack and cold drink in a tiny little cafe called “Rogers” it was a well deserved break as now the temp’s were getting hotter the further South we headed. The roads were varied and took us by rivers little towns, even some big towns but was always interesting. At about 2:30pm we rolled up into the Hotels car park and stripped off and started to go through the daily ritual of debagging. This hotel looked great right over a Damm high up and in the middle of nowhere. We checked in and went to our rooms where we quickly got changed into our swimmers and headed down for a snack before relaxing by the pool. The lunch was kind of OK but Kelly had a Cesar salad with ham and chicken, well thats what was on the menu, not exactly sure what tuned up but the ham was solid squares of fat. My Toasted cheese and ham was fine so we laughed it off and order some drinks and took them to the pool and relaxed. The afternoon was lovely chilling out with drinks and a refreshing pool was what we needed after such a hot ride down.
Later that night we got ready for diner and as we were so remote we had no choice but to use the hotels restaurant. At first we were told they we full as there was a bunch of students there on a conference and was too busy to seat us, after a stern word we were sitting down at a table ordering our diner.
OK first things first, this hotel was probably one of the cheapest we stayed in, but one of the best locations and so quiet, BUT the the food OMG the lunch should have been a indicator. It was bloody awful. The people in the Alentejo region eat so differently than the rest of Portugal quite happy to naw on a fatty bone with no meat on it and scoff down chunks of pure fat.
So needless to say the meal was a joke, so much so we all decided that this place would be a perfect slimmers retreat, enjoy the hotel and scenery and eat what ever the hell you want on the menu but you would struggle to survive.
So a few drinks later we were ready for our beds.

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