Day 2 (4 of us) Barrosinha

This morning was another hot one and it didn’t help the bikes were in the sun, so packing was getting us all hot and bothered before we even set off. But at about 10 we were back on the road again and eating up the miles on the N2. we had aimed to get around half way from this hotel to home and stop to give us a even ride the next day to our final destination in the Algarve, so earlier this morning we booked into a little hotel just outside the town of Alcácer do Sal called the Hotel Rural da Barrosinha. But first we had about 250kms of N2 to eat up. Most of which was a little straight and boring which made the day longer as the scenery kind of blended into to each other so we decided to stop for a break and a drink. We stopped on the side of the road in a local cafe where there were some locals eating lunch, we settled for a cold drink and pastry, it was here that Warren came out and told us they had what looked like little cooked gecko’s in there so we had to go see, Sardines mate not gecko’s LOL.
So with a chuckle in our bellies we hit the road again. The final part of the road, got slightly better but it was still a long slog.
We rolled up into the hotels car park thinking we had made a wrong turn as it looked like an industrial area, in fact the hotel was right next door to a winery and was very secluded.
It was basic but it had a bar and a pool and we could get a taxi into the main town, so we freshened up had a drink at the hotels’s bar and then got a taxi into Alcácer do Sal. We took the drivers card for later and started to look for a few bars, we were soon drinking cold beers and cocktails and it was great, a lovely little town and all we had to do was find a good restaurant which we have not had much luck with in this area so far. But there was a lovely looking place called Quanto Baste and as we were having a pre drink outside an American couple walked by and gave the waiter that was serving us a couple of books on how to make cocktails as a gift, as it turned out the lady had moved here from Arizona and was with her son and told us all about her story. It was really interesting and we were all quite impressed with her, we then walked inside to get out of the heat and sit down to what was one of the nicest fish meals we have had, Warren had a Cataplana for 2 all to himself, whilst the rest of us had prawns and clams. A really nice way to finish the night, so we thought, but after we were dropped off at the hotel by our previous taxi driver we decided a few more drinks were in order, it was so funny because the little guy that was there didn’t have a clue, so Lorna got behind the bar and helped herself to the largest Gin & Tonic’s possible. It got very noisy and we were all very drunk when we decided enough was enough and it was bed time, wondering how we were all going to feel the next day our final days ride.

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