Final Day (4 of us)

This morning would be the last time we re pack our bags and load them on the bikes as we were heading to the Algarve for the last 260kms. We were all feeling surprisingly good this morning considering the amount of drink we polished off last night. not perfect but good enough to ride.
We rolled away at about 10ish again and started out on the N5 to meet up with the N2 some 30kms later, it was amazing as the previous day the N2 had been a little predictable and boring but as soon as we hit the N2 again it was much better. We rode until lunch time where we stopped in a town called Almodôvar for a cold drink and snack. It was seriously hot now and we were glad for a bit of shade and cold drink. After this we had a toilet break and hit the road again for our final push back home. As we passed the “Welcome to the Algarve” sign the roads seriously changed to some great twisty’s which was a really nice way to finish off the ride, they extended to as far as São Brás de Alportel and little further we came off the N2 and started towards our final home town of Albufeira keeping where possible to rural roads, it was only the last final bit we had to use the busy N125 but now we were only a few miles for our final destination. At about 2.30pm we rolled up outside our villa on Clube Albufeira and that was it, the trip was over. Lorna and myself had done 1350kms and Warren and Kelly had clocked up around 1700kms. Thanks to all of you who followed our trip and stay tuned for the next one.

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