Day 5 (Kelly & Warren) Porto

We had a good breakfast and loaded the bike for the trip to Vigo.
We set off at 9.45 and the weather was nice and sun was coming up.
We headed west through towns and villages one in particular that stood out was Cuntis, made us chuckle.
There was a bit of traffic and we was doing about 50 to 60 mph. As we approached Vigo we could see the bay on our right. with an amazing wire bridge structure.
We arrived in Vigo for a quick pit stop at 11.30 and still had 3hrs left to ride.
We decide to hit the motorway for the 2nd part of the journey to try and get to Porto by
As we got to the sign on the motorway saying welcome to Portugal there was a clock above the road with the time change, I’d rode so fast I’d gone back in time ,lol😂 .
We arrived at the Porto hotel HF Ipanima park 5 star.
A very nice hotel on the edge of the city.
We had a beer and dumped the gear in the room & freshened up. Went to call a taxi to get us into the city but all taxi in strike for 7 days, thank God for Uber!
We set off for the city and wow what a place , we tried to cram as much as we could, in an afternoon .
We did the sights, the river and of course the port cellars. So much to see and not enough time, definitely a place to come back to.

We had dinner in the hotel that evening as we was shattered. Good day had!

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