Day 6 (Back Home)

Last night was a terrible night for Lorna she has been fighting off a cold all week that I gave her during the cruise and that combines with the alarm clock going off at 4am and a battery warning beep every 30 seconds on a smoke alarm in a room under us we were both knackered and not really feeling it, so Lorna really wanted to get home and to bed so the others were great about this and decided it was fine for us to cut the trip short 1 day and head back after breakfast. The weather again was fantastic this morning and the ride back would take us on the US528/417 Toll roads back home in about 90 minutes. So with about a 1k miles on the bikes we got back at about 12:45 and rolled up onto the drive tired and ready for a relaxing half day around the pool. Warren still has the bike until tomorrow and needs to get that back for 1:30pm so we might head out for a little ride later or tomorrow morning. But for now, we are grateful we made it back safe and sound with plenty of great memories, it was a real shame Andy & Elaine could not make it so who knows maybe next time. Thanks for following the trip. BTW the images will get updated as soon as I have them all for everyone’s devices, and maybe a few little videos too.