Day 5 (Cocoa Beach)

Well after last night we were not ready for a hard day in the saddle BUT who would imagine what would happen today regarding the ride to our next destination. Right we all gathered by the bikes and decided that we should at least try and aim for Cocoa Beach which was showing as a 5+ hour ride without any stops, now this we at best thought would be doable but we were not best pleased about the thought of a stop-start journey for 5+ hours so we headed off for about 45 minutes straight from the hotel and then discussed what to do next in a Denny’s where we had a late breakfast. But after a hearty breakfast we walked out to see the bikes soaking wet and the skies dark grey, it wasn’t raining but it looked like it was ready to piss down something chronic. We decided to get on and persevere but we literally rode around the corner and the skies opened up and we had to dive for cover in a shopping area. We shut down the engines and dove for cover and waited for it to pass, I downloaded a local live radar app and it showed a really small rain cloud right above us that was moving fast away from us so we decided to get back on the bikes and tough it out, in no time at all we were back in clear skies and searing heat and on our way, but the pace was slow, so after a little time we turned off in some remote town for a drink and a final desition on what to do, the consensus was that we should get to Cocoa Beach by hitting the I95 interstate (Motorway) it did mean we would be riding for 2 hours solid on the freeway at 75+MPH but it would mean we could get to Cocoa beach for around 3:30pm amd cocktails.
OMG I do not recommend riding any bike on a motorway for 2+ hours as it was brutal, my arse fell asleep and the journey was just plain boring. BUT it did mean we arrived in Cocoa beach at our target time of 3:30pm after a few minutes phoning around getting the best rates we were in a hotel room just before 4pm. We decided not to shower but just change and get to the bar on the Pier which was great, it was happy hour and the drinks were cheap and boy did they keep coming. After we ran out of cash we went back to the room to drop some stuff off and hit the restaurant connected to the hotel, we had a great meal and was really tired and with no objections we all decided that an early night was in order, I got back to the room and realised that I had left my mobile phone and camera behind somewhere so I had to run back to the places we had been and thankfully I recovered them. So today was a long day but not too far mileage wise but it means we are back on track and ready for a great last day in Daytona tomorrow.

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