Day 1 (Kelly & Warren) Bay Of Biscay

Well today was Day one for Warren & Kelly they are leaving there home in Bournemouth and heading to Portsmouth to catch the 24 hour ferry to Santander in Spain. It was a windy ride down but fortunately no rain. At the moment I am writing this blog as we Have not heard from them yet but once we get more images and details I will update this days events here.
OK a brief summery of there first day.

Its Friday morning after a stormy night , there’s trees down and debris but the sun is shining, and we’re going on a road trip .
We wrestled with the luggage and packing to squeeze in what we could to Kels disgust .
We finally tied the luggage on the bike and set off for Portsmouth.
It was dry and sunny but very windy .
We made it to the ferry terminal. And struck up a conversation with the bikers in front of us, standard for Warren who talks to everyone.
Got on the BOAT!, And went off to find the bar, where we stayed for most of the night🥃🍷🥂 with the other bikers .
Crawled into our bunk beds at about

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