Day 1 (Punta Gorda)

Well, today we had to change a few things mainly because 2 of our friends were not able to make it on the trip because of personal family matters and we would all like to wish the Dickens Family out warmest and heartfelt thoughts to you all.
Myself and Warren had to return the rental car we had before we could head north up to Stormy Hill Harley dealership to pick up Warrens Road King. This meant that Warren had to drive the car and I followed on my bike, then we both rode up to the dealership, yes we were double dicking but it was the only way. This delayed us a bit and by the time we were both on the road we didn’t get back to the villa until around 11:00am. So without delay, we all jumped on the bikes and headed South towards The west coast of Florida and our destination for today Fort Myers. Kelly was not feeling this morning and it took a good 45 minutes before we saw the lovely smile appear, Lorna was also in a bad way fighting off a cold or something that was keeping her from enjoying this first day. Anyway, after about 90 minutes we stopped for a coffee break and to refuel, the previous roads had been quite boring and we were hoping for some more visually better roads. Our route was basically the Tamiami Trail or US41 South bit a lot of this runs through bust towns and the traffic signals are a nightmare especially as it was getting hotter and hotter as the day progressed. Our aim was not to get to Siesta Key for a late lunch and then push on nonstop to Fort Myers for our first night’s stop. We got into Siest Ket and found a restaurant called the “Salty Sea Dog” and we all had salads, well why were we not surprised that when they turned up they were huge, even Warren left a little bit and Warren doesn’t leave anything normally especially if you go by the last 7 days on our cruise. anyway we were all fed and watered and felty a lot better and ready for the next 2 hours, Being late November it gets dark quite early and we were keen to get to Fort Myers by 5:30pm but the roads were a bot slow going and we decided to stopp about 20 miles short of our planned stop, it mainly happened because I saw a nide Tiki bar next to a hotel and thought “Thats the one” we got lucky as it is a “Four Points by Sheraton” Aswe rolled up outisde the netrance we sent the girls in to flutter their eyelids and negotiate a great rate, well they didnt let us down $166 a night. So right now I am sitting in my room having just showered wearing the next day’s clothes ready to go down to that Tikki bar and have a well-deserved drink. I will check in Later. OK back from a really nice night out the Tikki bar was great nice and warm and then we decided to come back to the main hotel for dinner which was great because the restaurant was empty and we were able to be as loud as we wanted to be, and when you have Lorna and Kelly that was a Godsend. So a great first night. Got a few miles extra to add on to tomorrow but we are looking forward to it.
BTW more photos will be added as I have to get them from all the phones and I am knackered. LOL.

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