Day 1 (Steve & Lorna) Coruche PT

OK so today is the start of our section of the road trip where we ride up North to meet Kelly & Warren in Visue in 3 days time, so a easy ride up but on some nice roads. We left this morning at 9am trying to avoid some of the seriously hot weather which was great but it didnt last long, after about 1 hour we could feel the temps rising to the point we were seriously thinking it was going to be a absolute nightmare but fortunately the route we took was free of cars and kept the pace a reasonable speed which helped cool us down a bit. Today we were going to ride about 280kms to the town of Coruche which is North/East of Lisbon we took the IC1 most of the way and then switched to the N253 which was a really nice quiet twisty road that took us through some really nice towns. We stopped after about 2 hours in a Continente for a quick coffee as most towns are not actually on this road but away so we didn’t want to have to divert off the main route, so any stop off points were welcome, what we didn’t know was that as soon as we left there were about 10 really nice road side Cafe’s which would have been perfect, Hey Ho its what Road trippin is all about.
We had to stop for Petrol about 60kms short of our target town and now the temps were seriously high 41c or 104deg and the last part was painful we rocked up at about 1pm and was able to park in the hotels grounds which was great and we then showered and walked around the town of Coruche, what we should have realised was the town was all but closed due to Siesta Time, but we did find a bar that was open. 2 beers and a 7up 3.45 Euros not bad at all, this took us up to about 3:30pm and the town started to come alive again, so we walked in the shade were possible to the next place for some late lunch, we found a cool place and had a toasted Ham/Cheese sandwich which was absolutely great and the best part was we were now inside with AC. We got back to our hotel at about 4:45pm to relax and work out where we were going to eat out tonight something that has proved so far to be quite hard. Well as it turns out we managed to find a restaurant which was OK called “O Tasca” but before we went there we popped into a bar called BoHo which was actually quite OK apart from being really hot. So after one drink we walked to the restaurant and struggled with the menu as we only wanted Garlic Prawns, thankfully the owner spoke English and we were in, When it turned up it was really nice and the best bit was when the owners son Pedro rocked up and just stated “Hi my name is Pedro and I speak English” this was great and after talking with him we had a new follower and he is only 8 years old. Boy this kid is smart. So Pedro if your reading this my little dude keep following us and we will give you a mention once in a while.
On the way home we popped into BoHO for a nightcap and then back to the hotel for about 10:30pm and off to bed hopefully without too much disruption from the bloody trucks blasting by on the calcada all night. Night Night All.

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