Harley Road Trip

 Follow our trips as they happen or view some of the trips we have already taken, either way we have had some fantastic times out on our bikes and can't wait for the next venture in Spring 2013.



Welcome to the Harley Road Trip website.

In 2010 a bunch of us guys got together and decided that we should ride around America on Harley Davidson motorcycles to help celebrate a 40th & 50th Birthdays for 2 of the guys. After a 18 months of planning, 9 of us started our first Harley Road Trip and what a blast we had, 2 weeks of sheer fun and excitement, the true feeling of camaraderie and friendships held together with amazing sites and memories. The whole experience enlightened us all so much so that we made plans for further trips, so far we have done 2 and the third is planned for March 23rd until /April 6th 2013. This website will feature the trips that have happened and the ones in progress with live updates and full details of each days events which include images, videos and useful info on the places we stayed at. The list of trips are listed below and will take you to individual websites dedicated to each trip..


Last entry is 2013-04-05

Its  Day12 and we are in
Davenport, Florida

We have ridden 129 miles today


So this is it, the last day of the trip, and all we need to do to complete it is get back from Daytona to Davenport some 100 miles. But the skies looked bad, could our last day be fraught with torrential rain or could we just be lucky enough to avoid it. We were in no hurry to leave which was good because at 10:00 am it was raining heavy. So we just hung around a bit and waited for the rain to stop. Eventually at about 10:45 it stopped completely butt he skies still looked angry, not taking any chances we all wrapped up in our rain gear and fired up the bikes ready to depart.

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